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Sri Lanka – The Hellenic Republic: Bilateral Relations


Political Relations

Diplomatic relations between Sri Lanka and The Hellenic Republic were established in 1957 and the Greek Ambassador in New Delhi was concurrently accredited to Sri Lanka in 1958.  Sri Lanka’s Ambassador in Rome is concurrently accredited to Greece, where the Honourary Consul of Sri Lanka is Mr. Nicholas G. Petmezas. The Honourary Consul of the Hellenic Republic in Sri Lanka is Mr. Ajit D. Gunawardene.

Bilateral trade between Sri Lanka and Greece

Sri Lanka’s bilateral trade with Greece, which is not a significant trading partner, is modest. The total trade turnover between the two countries in 2009 was US $ 13.6 million, which was a decrease of 17 percent over the previous year. Sri Lanka’s major export product to Greece is tea, which accounts to 49% of the total value of Sri Lanka’s exports to Greece in 2009. Import of insulated wire and cable, which accounted for 26% of the value of total import, was the main item figured in the composition of imports from Greece in 2008.

Tsunami Assistance

Assistance given in the aftermath of the December 26th Tsunami included:

  • 18 member team with medical equipment and relief items
  • Humanitarian assistance with items like sugar, tents, blankets and medicine
  • Dispatching of a ‘Hospital Ship’ to Sri Lanka to treat the Tsunami victims
  • 6500 lbs Rice and 18,6000 lbs water
  • Offer to host 150 children affected by the Tsunami in Greece


Agreement on Development Cooperation was signed between the two countries on 18th April 2007. 

Pending MOUs/Agreements

  • Draft Agreement on Avoidance of Double Taxation
  • Draft Agreement on Development Cooperation
  • Agreement on the Promotion and Reciprocal Protection of Investments
  • Air Services Agreement between Sri Lanka and Greece


Embassy of Sri Lanka- Rome

Address: Via Adige, 2 00198 Rome- Italy

Tel: (0039) 06 8840801-06 8554560

Fax: (0039) 06 84241670

Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


The Chancery

  • Address: Via Adige, 2 - 00198 Rome
  • Tel 06.8840801 - 06.8554560
  • Fax: 06.84241670
  • Mail : embassy@srilankaembassyrome.org 


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