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Sri Lanka – Malta: Bilateral Relations

maltaPolitical Relations

The protocol establishing formal diplomatic relations between Sri Lanka and Malta was signed on 27 January 2000. The High Commissioner of Malta with resident in New Delhi is accredited to Sri Lanka, while Sri Lanka Ambassador in Rome has been accredited to Malta. There is no Honorary Consul representing Sri Lanka in Malta. However Malta has appointed Mr. Lalin J.A. Fernando as its Honourary Consul in Sri Lanka.

Bilateral trade between Sri Lanka and Malta

Sri Lanka’s bilateral trade with Malta, which is not a significant trading partner, is negligible. This was mainly due to the small size of its market. Total trade turnover between the two countries in 2009 was mere US $ 1.6 million.

malta2Tsunami  Assistance.

The Government of Malta and its Red Cross Society extended support during the Tsunami re-construction work, i.e. 65 houses built by the Malta Red Cross Society in Hambantota District. The Government of Malta provided immediate Medical Supplies, Drugs, Water, Clothing, Tents and medical team etc., after Tsunami in 2004 December.


The Chancery

  • Address: Via Adige, 2 - 00198 Rome
  • Tel 06.8840801 - 06.8554560
  • Fax: 06.84241670
  • Mail : embassy@srilankaembassyrome.org 


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