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Translation of documents/certificates into Italian/English language

Applications for translation of documents/Certificates into Italian language can be submitted to the Embassy. Such documents have been issued by any authorities in Sri Lanka should forward to this Embassy along with their English translations done by the sworn translators of Sri Lanka .Both these originals and English translations should be certified in a day after 15th october 2011 by the Consular Division of the Ministry of External Affairs.

Applications for translation of documents/Certificates issued by the Italian authorities into English should be submitted to the Embassy with the certification of Prefettura or Procura (Public Procecutors Office for lower law courts) as relevant.


Document issued by the accredited countries to this Embassy ie. Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Albania and San Marino should be counter signed by the respective Ministry of Foreign Affairs of that country in which such document has been originated.

Documents required: All original documents should be submitted with a photocopy

a. Original Documents

b. Original passport

c. Relevant fee in Euro (Euro 16.00 per page)

Only the documents that are in English / Italian are translated to Italian /English.

Inorder to certify or translate the Sri Lankan Educational Certificates ( O/L, A/L, Degree, Diploma ect.) it is essential to have the prior certification on the document from the Consular Division of the Ministry of External Affairs of Sri Lanka. Since this Embassy is obtaining prior approval from the Ministry of External Affairs of Sri Lanka before processing, it may take few weeks for the certification or translation.


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