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Conversion of Sri Lankan Driving Licenses to Italian Driving Licenses


The Italy-Sri Lanka Driving Licence Agreement will enter into force on 14th November 2011. The Italian Motorizzazione will accept applications from eligible Sri Lankans for conversion of their Sri Lankan driving licences into Italian driving licences after this date, 14th November 2011.

Prior to submission of applications to the Italian Motorizzazione, it is essential to obtain the Certificate of Validity and Authenticity through the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Rome. As announced previously, the Embassy is accepting applications for eligible Sri Lankans to obtain this Certificate which will be issued after verification with the Department of Motor Traffic in Sri Lanka. The following documents are essential to be brought by the applicant him/herself:

- Original driving licence and two photocopies;

- Original passport and two photocopies of photo page;

- Original Permesso di Soggiorno (Permit of Stay) and two photocopies;

- Certificate of Residency or Carta d'Identità with two photocopies

- A fee of € 42 in cash


Applications for obtaining the Certificate of Authenticity and Validity for the conversion of a Sri Lanka riving Licence to an Italian Driving Licence will accepted at the Embassy of Sri Lanka Rome from Thursday 27 October 2011

2.    The Certificate of Authenticity and Validity needs to be attached to the application to the Italian Motorizzazione who is the authority on the
issuance of the Italian Driving Licence

3.    Please follow the instructions carefully and fill out the application forms and submit with the necessary original documentation and copies during the regular Consular hours to the Consular Section of the Embassy in Rome. A payment of Euro €42/- is applicable to obtain the certificate.

4.    The certificate will be issued by the Embassy on receipt of confirmation of authenticity from Commissioner General of Motor Traffic, Sri Lanka

5.    Applications forms can be downloaded from the Embassy website: www.srilankaembassyrome.org or collected at the Embassy of Sri Lanka during working hours.

Sri Lanka and Italy sign the Agreement for Mutual Recognition of Driving Licences

Italy Sri Lanka Driving Licence Agreement

Driving Licence Certificates

The Driving Licence Certificates listed below are now available for collection. Please check carefully, whether your ref No: DLC/2011/ …..-    reflected on your receipt (yellow) is listed below. 

The applicants whose DLC numbers are listed below, are kindly requested to call over in person at the Embassy or send authorized representatives during working hours and collect their Certificates. It is mandatory for the Original receiptissued and the original proxy letter with passport copies of the applicant as well as the authorized representative be brought. The proxy letter (both in Sinhala and English languages) to be brought by the authorized representative is attached below and can be downloaded from our website

As an additional measure, applicants or their representatives are advised to check carefully at collection the Certificates for any adjustments that may be necessary. Where necessary, any additional documentation may be processed, depending on each individual need. Hence, the presence of the applicant is advisable.

Your cooperation in this regard is appreciated.

Please refer to the dedicated DLC number assigned to you in your inquiries or communications.

Driving Licence Certificates available for collection.


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