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Sound and Flavours of Sri Lanka

'Thala – Splendours of Sri Lanka’ - Teatro Vascello, Rome.

Rome: Kalshuri Channa Wijewardene’s troupe mesmerized audiences in this historic City of Rome earlier in December with a finely choreographed presentation of 'Thala – Splendours of Sri  Lanka’.

Performing to packed crowds at the well-known Teatro Vascello, in Rome,  the show captured the three major traditions of Sri  Lankan dance bringing to the Italian audience the fine, ancient tradition of Sri  Lanka dance dating back 2500 years and blending this ancient tradition with modernity.



Sri Lankan dance at the prestigious Teatro Dell' Opera, Rome

Teatro Dell' Opera, Rome: In a city with one of richest traditions of Opera, classical ballet and the performing arts of western civilization, it is indeed rare to witness the practice of an entirely different form of dance tradition such as the ancient Sri  Lankan dance. However, this is exactly what happened when Kalashuri Channa Wijewardene, making history, conducted a seminal workshop on Sri  Lankan dance at the dance school of the prestigious Teatro Dell' Opera in Rome




Sounds and Flavours of Sri Lanka

December 2010

Rome: In a festival wonderfully received in Rome during the festive season this December, Sri Lanka's multifaceted character enthralled the Italian public with the unveiling of Sounds and Flavours of Sri Lanka ('Musiche & Sapori di Sri Lanka') – the Sri Lankan gastronomic festival at Rome's prestigious Westin Excelsior hotel.




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