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Sri Lankan dance at the prestigious Teatro Dell' Opera, Rome

Teatro Dell' Opera, Rome: In a city with one of richest traditions of Opera, classical ballet and the performing arts of western civilization, it is indeed rare to witness the practice of an entirely different form of dance tradition such as the ancient Sri  Lankan dance. However, this is exactly what happened when Kalashuri Channa Wijewardene, making history, conducted a seminal workshop on Sri  Lankan dance at the dance school of the prestigious Teatro Dell' Opera in Rome



The Opera house and dance school is the foremost classical ballet school in Italy headed by the renowned classical ballet director Madam Paola Jorio. Madam Jorio directed one of the top  Italian ballets 'Pinocchio'. At this school, Ballet dancers and Ballerinas begin at the young age of 9 years to become professional ballet dancers. It is with this group of advanced, accomplished professional ballet dancers including some of Europe's finest ballerinas, that the Sri  Lankan dance workshop was conducted.

This is the first time ever that such a project has been launched by Sri  Lanka thus making history and building institutional linkages never before ventured in Rome.

Channa, conducting the workshop, began by introducing the basic principles of Sri  Lankan dance and gradually moved to the more complex forms and movement. The manner in which the ballet dancers absorbed comprehensively the techniques amazed those who witnessed this workshop, commenting not only on the capacity of the students to absorb so quickly this  entirely different form of dance so well but also  Kalashuri Channa Wijewardena's ability to gradually build among the ballet dancers,  the techniques associated with the complex movement of Sri  Lankan dance. Students were seen mastering the complex movement of Sri  Lankan dance including spinning in the sabaragamuva and kandyan dance.

The workshop is a joint project launched by the Sri  Lanka Embassy in Rome with the Teatro Dell' Opera, Rome.




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