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SAFE DRIVING AT ACI (Italian Automobile Association) – FREE OF CHARGE

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l_aci_02ACI  (Italian Automobile Association) in partnership with the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Rome and some other Embassies will launch an initiative to offer a safe-driving course highly recognized in Italy for Sri Lankan nationals who hold valid Italian driving licenses.

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This programme will be offered on a very limited basis to eligible driving license holders free of charge which otherwise is provided at a substantial fee.

The ONE DAY course will be held on selected weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) at the specialized facility in Rome: Autodromo di Vallelunga, Via Mola Maggiorana, 4/6 - 00063 Campagnano di Roma, Province of Rome.

Sri Lankans holding Italian driving licenses, particularly those who have obtained the driving license through conversion, are strongly encouraged to avail of this valuable opportunity which is provided at no cost.

The safe-driving course will only be a programme to educate driving license holders and not for any purpose of scrutiny or to ascertain different competences.

As a further gesture, ACI will provide complimentary transport from Termini Station (Rome) and return to Termini for those participants who would be accepted to undergo  the course.

There will be a very high demand for this course and given that space is very limited, participants intending to undertake the course is advised to apply on an urgent basis as per the guidelines provided by the Italian authorities:

Visit www.vallelunga.it/it/3000-automobilisti-stranieri-ambasciatori-di-sicurezza-stradale .

Fill out and submit the on-line application form in Italian language(on the website). The website will require all the following information which are compulsory):



DATE OF BIRTH  (dd/mm/yyyy)



DRIVING LICENSE TYPE* (select: Italian DL / DL of a foreign country)

DATE OF COURSE * (select a date)



The participant will be contacted by the ACI to confirm the date for the safe-driving course.

Visit www.vallelunga.it/it/3000-automobilisti-stranieri-ambasciatori-di-sicurezza-stradale .

Embassy of Sri Lanka


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Download this file (Prestigious ACI SAFE DRIVING COURSE for Sri Lankans Tamil version (1).pdf)Tamil120 Kb


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