Bilateral relations between Sri Lanka and Albania have been strengthened since the establishment of formal diplomatic ties on 4th March 1980. Over the years, ties of friendship and cooperation between the two countries at the bilateral and multilateral levels, based on shared values and interests, have continued to grow. 

The Sri Lanka Embassy in Rome is concurrently accredited to Albania, while the Albanian Mission in New Delhi is concurrently accredited to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka’s total trade with Albania has been increased during the period of 2009-2015. The total trade turnover between Sri Lanka and Albania which stood at US$ 8.97million in 2015 has been decreased to US$ 6.45million in 2016. Sri Lanka’s balance of trade with Albania is favorable to Sri Lanka from 2009-2016.

Tea is the main export item to Albania during last five years and it has contributed 99% of the total exports in 2016 even though there is a decline in tea exports than 2015.

It is important to further deepen the engagements between Sri Lanka and Albania within a framework of common values and goals to meet global challenges such as climate change, trade imbalances and food security.


Mr. Mirton Lika
Honorary Consul of Sri Lanka in Albania
Honorary Consulate of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka in Albania
Address: Sky Tower Nr.124, St.I.Rrugova,Tirana 1019,Albania.
Tel: +355692069888