The applicant should obtain the Affidavit/ Power of Attorney from a lawyer in Sri Lanka and bring the original of such Affidavit/ Power of Attorney personally to the Embassy along with the following documents.

The Power of Attorney must display the name of the lawyer. The Affidavit/ Power of Attorney are signed in the presence of a diplomatic officer at this Embassy. The applicant is also required to have two witnesses along with their original passports, who will sign as witnesses in the Power of Attorney.

Required Documents

All original documents should be submitted with a photocopy
  • Original of Affidavit/ Power of Attorney prepared by a lawyer

  • Applicant’s valid original Sri Lanka passport

    Original dual citizenship certificate, if the applicant is a dual citizen

  • Valid passports of two witnesses

  • Valid Permit of Stay  of the applicant (SOGGIORNO)

  • Relevant fee in Euro