The protocol establishing formal diplomatic relations between Sri Lanka and Malta was signed on 27 January 2000. The High Commissioner of Malta with residence in New Delhi is accredited to Sri Lanka, while Sri Lanka’s Ambassador in Rome has been accredited to Malta. The Honorary Consul representing Sri Lanka in Malta in Dr.Tonio Grech.

Malta plays an important role in multilateral fora as a small island independent sovereign state, as a member of EU and the Commonwealth. Sri Lanka and Malta have shared interests as Island States and members of the Commonwealth.


The Government of Malta and its Red Cross Society extended support during the Tsunami re-construction work, i.e. 65 houses were built by the Malta Red Cross Society in Hambantota District. The Government of Malta provided immediate Medical Supplies, Drugs, Water, Clothing, Tents and medical team etc., after the Tsunami in 2004 December.


Malta has low unemployment relative to other European countries, and growth has recovered since the 2009 recession. In 2014, Malta led the Eurozone in growth, expanding by nearly 3.5%. Also in 2014, the government began promoting public-private partnerships in the healthcare sector to establish Malta as a Mediterranean health hub for medical tourism, reduced residential and commercial energy tariffs by 25%, and implemented a citizenship purchase program to increase government revenue and attract foreign investors.

The government has implemented new programs, including free child care, to encourage increased labour participation. The high cost of borrowing and small labour market present potential constraints to future economic growth.


Sri Lanka’s total exports to Malta have shown somewhat of a steady condition during the recent past. Printing type blocks, plates, cylinders and other components are the main importing items from Malta. The major exporting item from Sri Lanka to Malta is Apparel.


Dr. Tonio Grech
Honorary Consul of Sri Lanka
Address: 18/2 South Street, Valletta VLT 1102, Malta.
Tel: (+356) 2123 6206 ∙ 2123 8256 ∙ 2124 7604

F: (+356) 2124 0321