Sri Lanka Export Development Board is partnering with the Academy of Design (AOD) for the “The Sri Lanka Design Festival (SLDF) 2021, to support the promotion of designed and made in Sri Lanka internationally. The annual event will be held virtually this year from 15-17 January 2021 and will consist of several different events.

The event, conceptualized by the Academy of Design (AOD) has created a platform with global reach, to support and strengthen growing industries in Sri Lanka such as apparel, tourism, craft and agriculture, by enabling them to be globally competitive by adopting design, technology and innovation and sustainable manufacturing into their products/services with a view developing and taking Sri Lankan product to an international domain.

The event is positioned as a country initiative and has been considered the country’s largest celebration of creativity.
Interested participants can register and also obtain further information regarding the Festival from the event website: or by contacting the Festival focal point Michele Mirchandani: