Sri Lankan expatriates who wish to be repatriated to Sri Lanka in the prevailing pandemic situation are reminded to follow the under mentioned procedure to return to Sri Lanka

a) Sri Lankan expatriates (holders of Sri Lankan Passport and Dual Citizenship) in Italy, who wish to return to Sri Lanka, should register in the Embassy’s Web Portal “Sri Lankans in Italy”, which is available in the official website of the Embassy:

b) Those who are registered in the ‘Sri Lankans in Italy’ web portal for urgent repatriation are requested to send an email to the Embassy ( indicating Passport No., Mobile No., Email address and consent for hotel quarantine in Sri Lanka, 02 weeks prior to the departure date.

c) Each applicant will be notified of the approval for repatriation along with the formalities to be followed by Embassy through the official email within 2-3 days from the date of application. Simultaneously, approval/landing permit for each passenger are directly communicated to all airlines by the Civil Aviation Authority-Sri Lanka (CAASL) so that the passengers are able to contact relevant airlines directly for purchasing air tickets/travel arrangements.

All passengers are reminded that approval/landing permits are issued by the involved authorities (Embassy, Foreign Ministry, CAASL) for free of charge and no any payment should be made to any third party/airline/travel agent etc. for getting approval/landing permit from the CAASL.

Further, the Embassy wishes to request that if any passenger is insisted to pay for approval/landing permits by any third party/airline/travel agent etc., such payment should be rejected outright, and the incident should be immediately informed to the Embassy with correct details (name of the airline/travel agents etc.,) in order to report to the authority for further action.


Sri Lanka Embassy in Rome, Italy