Italian Ministry of Health New Ordinance regarding Entry to Italy

Art. 3

  1. In order to contain the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the entry and the transit into Italy is permitted to the people who, in the preceding 14 days, was (or transited) in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, provided that there are no COVID 19 symptoms and who fall in one these categories:


  1. People who, irrespective from their citizenship and residency, do entry into Italy for educational purposes.
  2. People who need to reach their residency that was legally established before the date of this ordinance.
  3. People who need to reach the domicile/house/residency of the children (if minors), of the spouse or of the partner as per the civil union.


  1. The entry into Italy from above countries indicated at comma 1 is subject to the following:


  1. The traveler must produce to the airline and to any officer duly authorized for these purposes, the Passenger Locator Form (PLF) in digital format on his/her mobile device or the hard copy (paper form).
  2. The traveler must produce to the airline, at the time of boarding, and to any officer duly authorized for these purposes, the evidence of having undergone in the preceding 72 hrs. the molecular / antigenic test with the negative result.
  3. The traveler must undergo the molecular/antigenic test on arrival at the airport/port/border; in case of molecular test, he/she will have to remain in quarantine until the result of the test be available.
  4. To respect the mandatory self-quarantine for the following 10 days at the address indicated in the PLF.
  5. To undergo the molecular / antigenic test at the end of the 10 days of mandatory self-quarantine.


  1. In addition, the entry into Italy may be allowed, prior to the special authorization from the Ministry of Health of Italy, for imperative reasons.


  1. Provided that no symptoms of COVID 19 arise and given the need of filling the PLF, these rules do not apply to the airlines crew, on commercial and cargo flights. For said category remains valid the mandatory molecular/antigenic test on arrival at the airport/port/border, whereas possible, within the successive 48 hrs. from the time of entry in to Italy at the local health district.  The same will have to observe the rules indicated at comma 2), para d).


Art. 5


  1. This ordinance enters into force from 31st August 2021 and is valid up to 25th October 2021.Rome, 28th Aug. 2021                                                              Hon. Roberto SperanzMinister of Health