The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Rome organized three events to celebrate Vesak in
collaboration with the Italian Buddhist Union and the Sri Lankan community under the
guidance of Ambassador Wellawatte.

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Rome in coordination with the Italian Buddhist Union
organized a Vesak programme for the Italian Buddhist followers, at the Associazione per
la Meditazione di Consapevolezza Vipassanā in Rome. The programme was conducted in
the Italian language and more than 100 foreign Buddhist followers participated in person
and 200 people participated virtually.

On his welcome speech, Ambassador Wellawatte highlighted the teachings of Lord
Buddha for the pursuance of harmony and the promotion of peace. The programme
consisted of observing five precepts, a moment of meditation and reflection conducted by
Mrs. Neva Papachristou, and a speech by Mrs. Francesca Roncoroni, Campaign Officer of
the Italian Buddhist Union.

A procession comprising Buddhist monks, 32 curries for alms giving (Buddha pooja) with
the Sri Lankan traditional dance and drums was organized. The event captivated the
foreigners around.

Dhamma sermons were conducted in Italian languages by Ven. Chandapalo Thero of
Santacittarama Monastery in Rieti, Ven. Liyanwala Uditha Thero from Florence, Ven.
Wilachchiye Dhammavijaya Thero from Parma and a speech by Prof. Antonino Raffone,
Department of Psychology of “La Sapienza” University of Rome. Sri Lankan traditional
dance item which was presented during the event added colours to the event. All the
participants were served Sri Lankan cuisine and refreshments.

The programme was well received and the Italian Buddhist followers were impressed by
the dhamma sermons and the cultural events. The programme has become a link to the
Buddhist followers and the Sri Lankan Buddhist monks in Italy and the Vipassanā centre.
In addition, the Embassy organized other two events to celebrate Vesak, in collaboration
with the Sri Lankan community. The first programme was held at the Embassy premises
with the participation of the Sri Lankan community. Ven. Bandirippuwe Vinitha Thissa
Thero conducted Buddha wandanawa and observed five precepts. Ven. Dario Doshin
Thero of Centro Zen l’Arco, an Italian Monk delivered the dhamma sermon. Further, two
troupes of students presented Buddhist devotional songs.

Further, the Embassy organized a poetic dhamma sermon at the Embassy premises for the
Sri Lankan community. Poetic dhamma sermons were conducted by Wilachchiye
Dhammavijaya Thero and his poetic dhamma sermons are popular among the Buddhist
community in Italy.

Embassy of Sri Lanka
26 May 2023