Media Release

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Rome celebrated the International Women’s Day on 08 March
2024 at the Embassy premises with the participation of Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Italy
Jagath Wellawatte, staff of the Embassy, and ladies of the Sri Lankan community in Italy.

In her welcome remarks, Third Secretary of the Embassy Melki Perera highlighted the
diversity and talents of women and the importance of women’s empowerment in today’s
context. As this year International Women’s Day is celebrated under the “Inspire Inclusion”
theme, she underscored the importance of creating environments where all women are
treated with respect and empowered to succeed in the society.

Spouse of the Sri Lankan Ambassador Shalika Wellawatte, in her speech highlighted the value
and uniqueness of a woman as a mother and her pivotal role in the family.

Prof. Giovanna Giulia Zavettieri of the University of Roma Tor Vergata took part in this
celebration as the guest speaker. She spoke about the importance of geography, gender
equality, and the deep ties between Sri Lanka and Italy. Professor Zavettieri also spoke of the
requirement of continuous and collaborative commitment from everyone to promote a fairer,
more inclusive, and sustainable world for future female generations.

Consultant, Operational Innovations Adviser, Change, Deliver and Innovation Unit Office of the
President and Vice President of IFAD Manavi Perera also spoke at the event. In her remarks,
she highlighted how Sri Lankan girls excel in education, surpassing global metrics with
significant margins. Those notable achievements includes completion of educational cut-offs
with higher rates which underscores the positive impact of educational equity initiatives in Sri
Lanka, particularly in girls’ education.

In addition, the ladies representing the Sri Lankan community in Italy also shared their
journeys as women, the challenges that they faced, and their views and opinions for the
betterment of the younger female community.

The vote of thanks of the event was delivered by Consular Assistant of the Sri Lanka Embassy
in Rome Sajeewa Sirithunga.

Embassy of Sri Lanka
22 March 2024